China can occupy parts of the moon best 2023

China occupy the moon

In the guise of the Chinese space program, its military strength is being increased day by day. In the report of the Indo Pacific Center for Strategic Communication, citing NASA official, it was found that it is using its space program to increase its hearty military and technical strength. Is

After doing this, its can easily challenge its bigger power, Bill Nelson, a senior NASA official, said in an interview to a website named Politico that it is building a scientific research facility on some parts of the moon.

But there is also apprehension that after this it can capture these areas because according to the rule of space, first come first serve in space, along with that, China is also building a research station on the south pole of the moon.

Last year, its built a space station that collected samples from the lunar surface and sent different missions.
its also plans to build 1 Lunar Research Space Station on the Moon’s South Pole, whose work is expected to start in 2025.

China can occupy part of the moon 2023
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The laws of space

  • According to a UN space agreement in 1967, no country can claim any part of space as its own.
  • Even in 1979, there was a UN Moon Agreement under which the commerce of space should not be used, although America, China and Russia did not sign it.
  • In 2020, under the Artemis Accord, the US had entered into agreements with several countries to emphasize on better exploration of space, by December 2022, 23 countries were associated with the US.
  • Russia and China did not sign the agreement because they believed that the US had no right to make rules for space.
  • This simply means that some formal rules have to be made for the space, but the superpower is doing its own thing and the one who reaches the space first and firmly will have control over it.
China can occupy part of the moon 2023
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its will send 60 space stations to space in 2023. The report also states that China is constantly trying to increase its ability to enter space.

Yansheng, chairman of China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, last month outlined several space missions and further planning to be done in 2023, including the Made Ment Moon mission, China’s astronauts and going to the moon.

Along with launching 200 spacecraft in 2023, China will also conduct 60 space missions, in which many flight missions will be carried out through cargo craft.

China‘s history in space

  • On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite in history.
  • With this, Project 581 started, whose objective was to launch the satellite by 1959.
  • China launched its first satellite Dong fang hong on 24 April 1970.
  • In 2003, China succeeded in sending humans into space for the first time and became the third country in the world.

NASA officials have claimed that China is being allowed permission on the moon to make more minerals of the moon its part.

Due to the mission sent to the moon, 181000 kg of debris has accumulated on the surface of the moon, which is the things taken for humans or the pieces of the satellite sent.

Along with this, America also planned to blast an atomic bomb on the moon in 1958 to show its strength, America named this plan A119.

China can occupy part of the moon 2023
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When a lunar eclipse occurs, at that time there is a solar eclipse on the moon, because the earth is between the moon and the sun, so the light of the sun does not fall on the moon.

The Moon completes one round of the Earth in 27 days and 8 hours, in the same time it also rotates on its axis, so the back side of the Moon never comes in front of the Earth.

Neil Armstrong’s footprints are still on the Moon and will remain so for millions of years because there is no wind and no rain.

According to scientists, about 4.5 billion years ago, a body named Theya, bigger than Mars, collided with the Earth, due to which a part broke away from the Earth and became the Moon.

Why America is annoyed with China’s mission

The Chief of the US Space Force claimed in November that China is trying to win the space race for economic benefits, along with this, America is also afraid that China may not be successful in all its missions, it would have been successful in this mission. If there is, USA will be behind them, apart from this, America is also afraid that China may start building its military bases in space.

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