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BCCI Sting Operation Game Over, This is the first time in the history of Indian cricket, a very dirty game has been revealed, after this revelation, it is claimed that every cricket fan will be shocked, this revelation will be shocking to all. After this revelation There will be uproar not only in Indian cricket but also in world cricket. Because it is being told that this disclosure has been made by such a person, according to which a player comes in the Indian team and is dropped. Players are not selected without the consent of this person. Maybe. The name of this person is Chetan Sharma. He is the chairman of BCCI, the world’s richest cricket board.

It is in their hands to take any player in the team and to remove them.
It is being told that with the help of secret cameras, Chetan Sharma has again taken such statements which will create a ruckus in Indian cricket. Such intelligence truths which cannot be extracted nor told by any other person.

BCCI Sting Operation|BCCI NEWS Best 2023
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Fitness certificate taken by injection

In this statement, it has come to know that Indian players get fitness certificate by taking injections. Now many questions are arising in the mind of Indian cricket fans like – Is it possible to talk about Chetan Sharma, chairman of the Indian cricket team selection committee? Is there a script written to drop players in the Indian team? You will be surprised to hear the answers to all these questions from Chetan Sharma.

Dirty game exposed

Some such statements of BCCI Chairman Chetan Sharma have come to the fore on the intelligence camera of the news channel, which can be clearly said that the cricket game which is called Gentleman’s game, behind the scenes are so free in this game that Gentlemen are There is nothing like it.

Some hidden cameras of the news channel have revealed that this dispute is related to the dispute between former BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and former captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli, in which Virat Kohli has claimed that when he was removed from the captaincy Didn’t even tell him that he was gone.

BCCI Sting Operation|BCCI NEWS Best 2023
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Who removed Virat Kohli from the captaincy

Today the same thing comes in the mind of the fans of Virat Kohli that who finally removed him from the captaincy and why, we will know in this post.
Due to the recent ongoing Indian team controversy, BCCI Chairman Chetan Sharma has given this statement through hidden cameras –

  1. He told that Sourav Ganguly had not taken the decision to remove Virat Kohli from the captaincy of the Indian team.
  2. Said that the main reason for the controversy between Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli was Virat Kohli’s behavior and his attitude towards them.
  3. Told that Virat Kohli felt that Sourav Ganguly had decided to remove him from the post of captain.
  4. He says that Virat Kohli had deliberately accused Sourav Ganguly and it is only Virat’s fault.

The above mentioned information is not written by us but it is said by BCCI Chairman Chetan Sharma himself who is the Chief Selector of Team India. Now the question comes that if BCCI President Sourav Ganguly made Virat Kohli the captain from above then who did it. The answer to this question has also been given by Chetan Sharma himself.

Controversy in Indian team due to captaincy

The expansion of Chetan Sharma’s statement on the news channel is that there is a lot of competition in the Indian team regarding the captaincy, he says that Virat Kohli likes the Chetan Sharma story and Ganguly also likes the most votes in the decision to remove Virat Kohli from the white ball captaincy. Did not do Chetan Sharma said that it was the decision of the selection committee to remove Virat Kohli from the captaincy. The decision to remove Virat from the captaincy and make Rohit the captain was also of the selection committee.

BCCI Sting Operation|BCCI NEWS Best 2023
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When Chetan Sharma, the chief of the selection panel of the Indian cricket board, revealed that some players of the Indian team use injections to become fit, he says that if a player is 80 percent fit, then he becomes fully fit by taking injections. And he is not caught even in doping. This statement of Chetan Sharma has brought disaster on the Indian cricket team. While the Test series is happening between the Indian and Australian team, Sharma’s statement has created a ruckus in the Indian cricket team.

There is a clash of ego between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. BCCI Chairman Chetan Sharma said that the Indian team is divided into two groups and both of them are the leaders of their respective groups. Looks like Bachchan and Dharmendra.

Will see Hardik Pandey captaining in T20

Chetan Sharma made another big disclosure that now Hardik Pandey will replace Rohit Sharma as captain in T20 Internationals. Promising batsmen like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will be rested in T20s which will give Gill a chance to play.


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