Hot girl’s dance viral video || Desi girl dance video on internet

Hot giral’s dance video gone viral

Hot girl’s dance viral video, ever since this video went viral, people have given it so much love that it has gone viral, and after all, why not because they chose a song to make the viral video, which is good for every person. Looks like yes I am talking about “Mujhko Rana Ji Maaf Karna” this song from the movie – Karan Arjun has really become a reason for appreciation.

Hot girl's dance viral video
This girl’s dance set fire, viral video || Desi girl dance video on internet

People are still crazy about the mantra-free dance that Mamta Kulkarni did on this song in the film. In the same way, this girl has performed a wonderful dance by choosing a different dress, due to which its viral video has been widely discussed on social media. is in

The name of the girl in this video is Kirtan Pulki. She shared this video a few days back on her Instagram account, which has been liked by more than 1.4 million people so far.

How did his video go viral?

She exuded confidence and dance skills in a fresh way and her choice of a fabulous outfit made the performance captivating. The choice of this song and this dress proved to be perfect which people liked a lot as they attracted a lot. They have displayed dance with great moves course energy and enthusiasm.

Hot girl's dance viral video

For a social media influencer, it is the happiest thing for their video to go viral but it takes a lot of hard work and patience to do so. As this is an example in front of you, Keertan Pulki was continuously putting dance videos on his social media Instagram account for a long time but he was not going viral but his hard work paid off and his video went viral.

Kirtan Pulki has put a lot of videos in the past as well but there was no special response on them but he did not give up and kept sharing videos continuously, due to which this is his first video which has been viewed 1.4 million times so far and this number is increasing continuously. Which shows that there is indeed something different in this viral video.

Instagram users said this on this video –

Hot girl's dance viral video

One user writes “hot man” and another says I am clearly fascinated by the dance performance. Several users said “above super super”. A third said “what a great performance. Loved it”. Some users Showcased its joy by selling different types of emoji. Some users also left negative comments. All these positive feedbacks show that Instagram users were very attracted to this video of the dancer and they enjoyed it a lot.


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