NASA & DARPA new test Nuclear Thermal Rocket best Update 2023

NASA Nuclear Thermal test

On Tuesday, NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced a collaboration to demonstrate to space a nuclear thermal rocket engine that proves a viable capability for NASA’s crewed missions to Mars.

The NASA and DARPA Agile Cislunar Operations or DRACO program will rely on a demonstration rocket;  If Display Rocket is enabled, the program will be published.

NASA new test Nuclear Thermal Rocket  best Update 2023
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To usher in a new wave in this era of growth, the two agencies have entered into a program designed to benefit the roles, responsibilities and processes.

Both NASA and DARPA have launched a major project to develop and demonstrate advanced nuclear thermal propulsion technology as soon as 2027.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson congratulated both NASA and DARPA on this exciting investment, saying that with the help of this new technology, we astronauts will be able to travel faster than ever before in deep space, which will also save time for astronauts. And our mission will be completed very quickly. It is being prepared for crewed missions to Mars.

Minimizing transit time is a critical component of a manned mission to Mars because longer trips require more supplies and more robust systems, and this greatly aids astronauts. Nuclear thermal rockets can be used to reduce transit time.  allows to do such that the risk to astronauts is reduced.

Booming transportation technology is more efficient and will help NASA meet its Moon to Mars mission.
Will provide higher power for science experiment capability and equipment and communications equipment used during space travel.

The nuclear powered rocket engine generates a high temperature. This engine transfers the heat produced by the reactor to a liquid propellant that is ejected through a nozzle to propel the spacecraft.

NASA new test Nuclear Thermal Rocket best Update 2023
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Nuclear thermal rockets have many advantages and can be 3 or more times as efficient as conventional chemical propellants.

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said NASA and DARPA’s collaboration is a long time in the making.  that enables our respective missions such as these special songs
NASA said that our partnership for nuclear propulsion will help us advance our goal of sending humans to Mars.

Under the agreement, NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate and DARPA will handle the technology development of the nuclear thermal engine to be integrated with the experimental spacecraft.

Throughout this mission, DARPA is acting as the engine’s development lead, including individuals. BARCA will lead the overall program, including rocket system integration and procurement, approvals, scheduling and safety, covering safety and leader and integration and assembling with the engine.  it will also help DARPA in this, the coordinator will ensure.

DARPA and NASA have a long history of fruitful collaboration in advancing technology for related goals, from the Saturn V rocket to robotic servicing and refueling of satellites that took humans to the Moon for the first time, said Director Dr. Stephanie Tompkins.

NASA new test Nuclear Thermal Rocket  best Update 2023
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The space domain is vital to modern scientific discovery and national security. Through the nuclear reactor rocket program, we will be able to quickly transport materials to the Moon and eventually people to Mars.
The first nuclear thermal rocket engine test was conducted by the United States about 50 years ago with the help of NASA’s nuclear engine.

Advantage of this NASA project

There will be many advantages of this new technology, it told that where earlier it took us about 7 months to reach mars from earth, it will run at a much faster pace, due to which not only time will be saved, but many of our missions will be completed soon.  And it is being speculated that we will be able to map not only Mars but also other planets.

According to the agencies, its major advantage is also being told that there will be increase in science payload capacity and higher power for equipment and communication.

it successfully tested the Artemis spacecraft last year as a springboard to the Moon and Mars and hope to land humans on a march to the Moon by the year 2030.

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