Nikki Yadav murder case best 2023

Nikki Yadav

In this world of oppression, after the Sharda murder case, another new case of live-in relationship has come to the fore. We are talking about the Nikki Yadav murder case of Delhi. In the case of Nikki Yadav and Sahil Gehlot, it has come to the fore that Sahil had He was murdered not on 9th February 2023 but on 10th February between 8.30 am to 9.00 am. Police investigation has revealed that Sahil’s marriage was on the same day as Sahil had said. He had gone through trouble one and he was about to get married and secondly Nikki was asking him to marry her.

Her family members wanted her to have an arranged marriage and for this she was also being pressurized. Sahil deleted Nikki’s WhatsApp chats after the murder. With the help of this post, we will know what happened in the Nikki murder case.

Nikki Yadav murder case
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Since when were Nikki Yadavand Sahil with each other?

For the first time both Sahil and Nikki Yadav met each other in January 2018 when both of them used to do coaching in Uttam Nagar, Delhi, then both of them became friends and fell in love with each other. They met in January and in February 2018 both took admission in a university in Noida for different courses, after which both started living in live-in. On questioning Sahil, it was found that both of them lived together till 15 days before their engagement.

Where did this incident start

Interrogating Sahil, it was found that when his family started pressuring him to marry on December 2022, and in February 2023, he said yes to the marriage, due to which he was engaged on February 9 and the marriage was fixed on February 10. When Gaya told Nikki about the marriage, she started opposing it and asked Sahil to break the marriage. Nikki made a plan to go to Goa with Sahil on the day of his wedding and got tickets booked for both of them but Sahil’s ticket could not be booked after which Nikki Yadav made a plan to go to Himachal.

When Sahil got engaged on February 9, 2023, he looked very happy with the engagement, he danced with his friends and enjoyed the engagement ceremony, but later that night he had a heated argument with Nikki Yadav about the engagement. At 1:00 he took his brother’s car and went to Nikki’s flat and both stayed together till 5:00 during which he convinced Nikki Yadav to take him out.

Due to which both of them first made a plan to go to Goa but it was canceled after that they made a plan to go to Himachal, they both reached Nizamuddin railway station by car but on the way there they came to know that for Himachal they will have to take a bus from Anand Vihar. Then went to Anand Vihar. Then on going there, they came to know that they would have to catch a bus from Kashmere Gate ISBT.

With the help of both cars, they reached Kashmere Gate. Sahil had not told about all this at his home and on the same day he was married. Sahil was not at home on the wedding day, so his family members started getting worried, they were calling him continuously but Sahil did not answer. At last Sahil decides that he will not go to Himachal. This decision led to a fight between Nikki and Sahil, due to which Sahil strangled Nikki Yadav.

Nikki Yadav murder case
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why did sahil kill Nikki Yadav

Sahil told in interrogation that he got entangled between the two, on one hand there was pressure from the family members to arrange an arranged marriage, on the other hand Nikki was constantly asking him to marry her, in such a situation, he could not understand what to do and He killed Nikki.

Police say that Sahil wanted to get rid of Nikki, due to which he agreed to his family members and agreed to marry because he knew that in this way he would tell Nikki Yadav that his family members There is pressure that he should do an arranged marriage and get rid of the same Nikki Yadav because when Sahil got engaged on February 9, he looked very happy and danced fiercely with his friends. Was very happy with the marriage. According to the police, Nikki was murdered by strangulation. According to the doctors, there were no other injury marks on her body.

Nikki Yadav murder case
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In the investigation of the police, it was revealed that after the murder, Sahil carried Nikki with him in the car for 40 kms, later on finding no safe place, he went to his village Mitrav and found Nikki in the refrigerator of his closed dhaba. kept the dead body of After this incident, he went home and got married with great fanfare. In the meantime, looking at him, he did not feel that he had committed such a big incident and there was no remorse in his mind.

After this, when Nikki’s relatives did not contact her, they took her friends’ numbers from their younger daughter. Nikki’s younger sister gave Sahil’s number to her father Sunil, after which Sunil called Sahil, then Sahil said that Nikki Sahil misled Nikki’s father by saying that she has gone to Dehradun and she gave her phone to me as it was my marriage so I could not go.

How did the police finally catch Sahil?

When Nikki’s father Sunil suspected Sahil, he contacted a policeman he knew in the Delhi Crime Branch and told him about Nikki’s phone. When the phone was traced, its location came to Mitrao village in Najafgarh. Police were surprised to see Nikki’s dead body in the fridge inside the claim that my location was of a dhaba. After this police reached Sahil’s house looking for him but Sahil was not there and his phone was also switched off.Later, after the hard work of the police, the police arrested Shayari in Khair village.

Nikki Yadav murder case
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But Niki’s relatives are not satisfied with the police investigation, they say that this investigation is not correct and they have demanded action in the fast track court to hear the case and Niki’s uncle Praveen Yadav hanged Sahil. Has demanded PM Modi to give it. Her relatives claim that the police is lying, Nikki Yadav lived in the college hostel, she was not in a live-in relationship with Sahil.

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