Raid on Joe Biden’s best top news 2023 ?

Raid on Joe Biden’s

America’s President Joe Biden’s difficulties are increasing day by day. When Joe Biden’s house was raided, US Justice Department employees found some confidential documents that could increase Biden’s difficulties. Confirming this, Biden’s personal lawyer said that the search lasted for about 12 hours.

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Biden’s lawyer clarified that on Friday, US Justice Department officials raided the warden’s home in Delaware and the old office in Wilmington in search of confidential documents. They say that the classified documents are from the time when Biden was the Vice President and it is alleged that he took these confidential documents with him before leaving office.

Raid on Joe Biden's home 2023

The incident came in his first public comments in nearly a week, with US President Joe Biden saying he had no regrets for not disclosing the classified documents that were found in his office earlier in November. He said that we are fully cooperating.

eager to solve this as soon as possible he says you will not find anything in these documents because it is a normal document and he has no regrets that in this incident of raid in his house he got this document from there However, he is following it through his lawyer.

When Trump]’s house was raided some time ago, some secret files were found in it, due to which a dark cloud of trouble engulfed Trump and the threat of investigation started hovering over him, although now Trump’s statement has also come in this matter.

In which he told that I know that these files were hidden from me by some hateful officials. So that they can trap me but I escaped from their trap and I take it very lightly because I know I am not going to fall in all this trap and there is no evidence in this. Leave it in my entire tenure, I have not done any wrong thing in my whole life due to which he could implicate me. it’s all a conspiracy against me.

Raid on Joe Biden's home 2023

The search lasted for about 12 hours
Biden’s lawyer told that the raid took about 12 hours in which the entire deep and all the places of the store house were thoroughly checked. He said that the president’s house was under full surveillance and he took handwritten notes files papers binder memorabilia to To do list schedules and reminders from decades ago are all forfeited.

Lawyer Bauer said some of the seized documents were from Biden’s time in the Senate and some from his work as vice president. When asked about this issue by some journalists during his visit to California, he told that I think you are wasting your time and the government’s time, I am doing what the lawyer has told me. Some journalists say the matter is not that serious when Donald Trump’s home was raided and thousands of documents were found there that he took with him from the White House when he left office.

Attorney Bauer said the search involved White House Justice Department officials issuing an offer to search the home on Friday and when it expired. Bauer said the DOJ has taken possession of materials believed to be part of its investigation, including six items with classified markings and surrounding materials.

Raid on Joe Biden's home 2023

We have generally seen that such action is not possible in every country. This is only the identity of developed countries where the law is equal for all, whether it is a common citizen or the President of the country or the biggest celebrity, a great example of which has come out in front of us recently.

In which we have seen that a case of raid has come to light at the house of US President Biden in which case of getting some secret documents from his house has come to light.

Although the President has clarified that it is just a general document, there is nothing special in it and it is only a conspiracy to implicate him.

Due to which he will solve it soon, not for the first time in history, but even before this something like this was seen with Donald Trump. Such a case also happened with Trump, in which some important and secret documents were found from his residence, but he also said that these are all normal documents and the same came out in the investigation.

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