russia satellite |ukraine russia war best 2023

russia satellite ship

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for months and till now no results of this war have been revealed. As the time of war between Russia and Ukraine is increasing, Russia is showing its new weapons in front of the world.

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russia satellite |ukraine russia war 2023
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Is exposing in which many new drones and new automatic weapons were also seen, although Russia is still reducing the use of its effective weapons.

Recently, Russia has launched a ship to rescue two cosmonauts and astronauts whose original ride caused a dangerous chemical leak on the International Space Station.

Roscosmos State Space Corporation released a photo showing the empty Soyuz ms-23 capsule detonating at the Russian-leased cosmodrome in Bekasur, Kazakhstan on 24 February 2023, prompting to launch a ship to rescue two cosmonauts

russia satellite |ukraine russia war 2023
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Light Friday launched a rescue ship for two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut after a dangerous miscalculation during the transit to the International Space Station, the empty capsule arrived at the orbiting laboratory on Sunday.

1 Micrometer was blamed for a capsule leak in December that punctured an external radiator and spilled neutral, and earlier this month the same thing was seen again on a Russian freighter probe Camera footage also showed a small hole in one of the Internationals but the Russian space agency is still investigating and reacting to the cause of the leak.

However, the Russian space agency delayed the launch of the Soyuz in search of the flaw.
But they didn’t find any problems, and on Friday the agency went ahead with an early morning launch of the capsule from Kazakhstan with bundles of supplies caged in 3 seats.

Seeing the urgent need of this capsule, two top NASA officials traveled to America for personal observation. To everyone’s relief, the capsule safely reached the orbit after 9 minutes and a Ideal ride into orbit NASA Mission Control’s Navias reported from Houston

russia satellite |ukraine russia war 2023
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Officials determined that it would be too risky to recover NASA’s Ruby and Russia’s Sergei and Petilyan and return them back next month without coolant.

Because the cabin temperature rises on the journey back to Earth, computers and other equipment in the cabin will be damaged if heat acclimatization awakens the crew. Crew calls for switch on capsule
Prokopyev and Patelin are assigned to the damaged Soyuz, which is dogged on the space station. Many of the engineers concluded that having a person on board would only keep the temperature down to a certain level as expected.

Deputy Space Station Program Manager Neha told reporters at the very beginning that the Russians are really closely monitoring both spacecraft leaks and they are seeing everything firsthand and trying to understand it well.

NASA says the four astronauts returning to Earth in a few weeks have already inspected the Dragon capsule that will take them home. will come and it’s all right.

russia satellite |ukraine russia war 2023
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Due to this increasing outbreak of science, there is also a fear that some big holocaust may not come that on which science and technology is moving forward, in the same way man is playing with nature a lot. So many times had to be punched

The Soyuz 3 crew launched last September on a six-month mission. They will stay in space for a full year until a new capsule is ready to replace their crew for liftoff in September. was the only capsule that had just been launched yes but there was no one on board this soyuz was damaged the ship was filled with trash and let loose burning in the atmosphere as per the original plan.

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