Vedanta declare date for dividend amount shares best viral 2023

Vedanta declare date for dividend

vedanta dividend record date 2023 vedanta share prime price nsp mining company vedanta limited vedanta has issued a record date for payment of dividend to its shareholders a meeting will be held on friday 27 january the company told the board in the exchange file that the financial year 2022-23  Considered the proposal of fourth interim dividend for Rs.

Vedanta Dividend 2030 Record Date Issued As Per Exchange Filing Report Vedanta Board has fixed February 4 Saturday as the record date to determine the eligibility of shareholders for payment of dividend amount

On January 27, the Board will also consider and approve the consolidated and unaudited financial results for the third quarter.

Vedanta dividend Declar final date for amount shares
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The stock market was trading in the red on Tuesday, January 24 and was trading in the red at 11:43 am with the stock trading at ₹328.95, down 0.061 per cent.
On 28th April 2022 announced its first interim dividend for this financial year. This is the same company led by Anil Agarwal.  In which the total payment was 11710 crores and in which the eligible shareholders were paid Rs 31.50 per share.
July 19, 2022 was the day the company announced its second interim dividend with Vedanta paying Rs 19.50 per share, which works out to Rs 7,250 crore.

Ex-DateDividend AmountDividend TypeRecord DateInstrument Type
Nov. 29, 2022 17.50 INTERIM Nov. 30, 2022Equity Share
July 26, 2022 19.50INTERIM July 27, 2022 Equity Share
May 6, 202231.50INTERIM May 9, 2022 Equity Share
March 9, 2022 13.00 INTERIM March 10, 2022Equity Share
Dec. 17, 2021 13.50INTERIM Dec. 20, 2021 Equity Share
Sept. 8, 2021 18.50 INTERIMSept. 9, 2021 Equity Share
Oct. 28, 2020 9.50 INTERIMOct. 31, 2020Equity Share
March 5, 20203.90 INTERIM March 7, 2020 Equity Share
March 13, 20191.85INTERIM March 14, 2019 Equity Share
Nov. 6, 201817.00 INTERIMNov. 10, 2018 Equity Share
March 20, 201821.20 INTERIM March 21, 2018 Equity Share
Nov. 7, 2016 1.75 INTERIMNov. 8, 2016 Equity Share
Oct. 30, 2015 3.50INTERIMNov. 2, 2015 Equity Share
July 6, 20152.35 FINALEquity Share
July 4, 2014 1.75FINALEquity Share
Nov. 6, 20131.50 INTERIMNov. 7, 2013 Equity Share
May 31, 20130.10 FINALEquity Share
June 8, 2012 2.00 FINALEquity Share
Feb. 1, 2012 2.00INTERIM Feb. 2, 2012 Equity Share
June 30, 2011 3.50 FINALEquity Share
July 2, 2010 3.25FINALEquity Share
July 31, 20092.25 FINALEquity Share
July 11, 200830.00FINAL Equity Share
Feb. 6, 2008 15.00 INTERIM Feb. 7, 2008 Equity Share
Sept. 21, 200725.00 FINAL Equity Share
Feb. 19, 2007 15.00INTERIMFeb. 20, 2007 Equity Share
Dec. 4, 200625.00 FINAL Equity Share
March 13, 2006 15.00 INTERIM March 14, 2006 Equity Share
July 11, 2005 20.00 FINALEquity Share
Jan. 6, 2005 5.00 INTERIM Jan. 7, 2005 Equity Share
June 28, 20048.00 FINALEquity Share
Feb. 12, 20042.00INTERIM Feb. 13, 2004 Equity Share
Sept. 9, 2003 2.50 FINALEquity Share
June 20, 2002 0.00 FINALEquity Share
July 23, 20010.00FINAL Equity Share
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The third interim dividend was declared on 22 November 2022 when the organization approved a dividend of Rs. 17.50 per share.  The company suffered a total loss of Rs 6,505 crore.

Vedanta dividend Declar final date for amount shares
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Vedanta had declared an equity dividend of 4500.00 per cent for the year ending March 2022, which is Rs. 45 for each share, resulting in a dividend yield of 13.7% at the current scrip price of Rs 328.50.

Earlier Investor Services said a sizeable dividend from its cash India operations arm has given a boost to Vedanta Limited Resources’ debt refinancing efforts.

About vedanda

Vedanta Resources Limited is a global diversified mining company headquartered in London, England. It is the largest mining and metals company in India and has mining operations in Australia and Zambia and oil and gas operations in 3 countries. Its main products are Jim’s Silver.  Oil Gas Iron and Steel Late Aluminum and Power It has played a major role in developing India’s power stations, among which the commercial power station in Odisha which is 24 MW and one in Punjab which is 1980 MW.

The company is primarily owned by the family of Anil Agarwal, who came forward with a 61.7% stake in the business through Jwala mukhi Investments.

Vedanta dividend Declar final date for amount shares
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Vedanta Resources is one of the Indian mining companies and operates iron ore mines in Goa.  The company was delisted from the Stock Exchange, proposed to be taken privately by Chairman Mr. Anil Agarwal, indexed unconditionally in September 2018

famous Vedanta Limited decided to sell Industrial Steels Limited after 4 years in the mining business in November 2022. After Vedanta came in the steel industry, there was a lot of upheaval machines. Chairman Mr. Anil Agarwal’s company Vedanta Group now has debt reduction and main  Decided to sell steel business to focus on business Vedanta now plans to focus on its mining and industrial business  Was planning for this, wanted to sell the industry, contacted Nippon Steel, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel Steel and many other companies in Vedanta Group and started talks to sell Electro Steel, along with this, many consultants also talked about this.  was being advised

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