Why is Microsoft laying off a lot of employees in best viral 2023

Microsoft laying off employees 2023

There are a lot of layoffs at Microsoft these days. Microsoft is planning to eliminate some roles and cut thousands of jobs in the engineering department and human resources.

These layoffs of Microsoft show that there has been a decrease in the jobs of the technical sector and this number may increase further, which can also create an atmosphere of unemployment in the technical sector.

Why is Microsoft laying off a lot of employees in 2023?
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Due to layoffs

It is expected that most of the layoffs at Microsoft will be in the US technology sector as other companies including Amazon.com and Meta Platforms have announced layoffs due to worsening global economic conditions and lack of demand.

According to Morningstar analyst Dan Joe, the layoffs at Microsoft are hurting Microsoft’s environment and may hinder the development of Microsoft technology.

How many layoffs

According to the UK Broadcast Company, it is being told that about 5 percent of Microsoft’s employees or can say that there is a plan to cut about 11000 posts.On this day i.e. Wednesday, a lot of retrenchment has been planned in Microsoft’s engineering division, according to some big news channels, it is being told that some insiders told that about one-third of Microsoft’s employees can be retrenched.

As we all know, there was a lot of cutbacks or job cuts in Microsoft last year as well, on the basis of cutbacks, the report of a big company named Bloomberg shows that this year there will be more cuts than the number of cuts last year.

Number of employees laid off

Microsoft did not comment on this and did not say anything about it. According to some reports, it has been found that by June 2030, the company had about 2 lakh 21 thousand ex-employees, out of which 122000 are in the US and 99000 are international. were at the level

After several quarters of decline in the computer market, Microsoft Cloud is under pressure after suffering a significant loss in sales of Windows and devices Microsoft is working a lot on its growth rate after the market decline

Microsoft said in July last year that they are going to eliminate some roles and then we saw that in October itself news came that Microsoft has laid off more than 1000 employees in some of its divisions.On January 24, when the quarterly results report was ready, it was learned that Microsoft’s stock had risen marginally and it was midday.

This layoff in Microsoft would be the first mass layoff in history, the reason being that this layoff was due to the use of AI and Chat GPT and because of this layoff, Microsoft made a lot of profit, the profit was around $10 billion.

Why is Microsoft laying off a lot of employees in 2023?
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Let us know how Microsoft cut these employees, first of all, Microsoft informed the people they had selected a day in advance, all this work was handled by an experienced HR and they were also given points to talk about it. done

Amazon had said in the beginning of January itself that it was going to lay off more than 18000 employees in the year 2030, it had already made its plan, the reason being that it had hired employees during the pandemic. Because the work was too much and all the work started being done online.

Ives said that some of these companies were spending like the rockstars of the 1980s, but now all have reined in their spending, mainly because the global economic situation in 2023 is not going to be good. And this can also be a big reason due to which almost all the companies Facebook Amazon and big company Microsoft are also reducing their employees.

why is Microsoft laying off a lot of employees in 2023?
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The job cut plan is one of the biggest in recent times involving the Facebook owner and has hit the US tech sector.
The reduction of employees in tech companies is still going on due to the fear of recession and most of the job cuts are coming on the companies.

This year, in about 15 days, more than 90 companies have fired about 30,000 employees, including big companies such as Amazon.

In 2022, more than 15,000 workers were laid off, including Meta Twitter and companies such as Uber, Intel, etc., and the number of layoffs reached more than 51,000 by November.


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