Adani biography (life & success story) 2023.

Adani biography

Gautam ji the owner of Adani Company, is a self-made billionaire, his company is Adani Group. It is engaged in coal trading, multimodal logistics, power generation, oil exploration, ports, coal mining and transmission and gas distribution.

he is from a modest family and he has built this business on his own, today he has built a $200 billion company with 33 years of experience. Building a business on his own, his name comes in the 100 people who take it far ahead. This company reflects the hard work and struggle of Adani ji.

On 12 April 2022, Gautam ji became the sixth richest person in the world. The main reason for this has been told that Adani Group’s shares have increased very fast.
In 2022, on the death anniversary of his father, Adani ji donated about 7.7 dollars, about 60 thousand crores, to social works and the poor.

About life.

Gautam Adani who does not know this name today, this name is famous all over the world because Gautam Adani comes in the sixth place in the self-made billionaires in the world and comes in the first place in India, his name has been taken at the top of the billionaires of India.

He was born on 24 June 1962 in a Jain family in Sethni Pol area, Ratan pole, Ahmedabad. His father’s name is Shantilal Jain and mother’s name is Shanta Jain and he has seven siblings. Adani is their gotra and His caste was Baniya. His parents migrated to the northern part of Gujarat to earn their live hood. He loves to travel and loves to read books, watch movies and do photography.

Friends, we hear that the children of big businessmen and actors go to big schools and abroad for studies, but the condition of Gautam Adani’s family was not such that they could send them abroad, like a normal family so, he did his schooling from the town .

He did his schooling from “Seth Chimanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya School Ahmedabad”. He did his college from Gujarat University and started his graduation in commerce but dropped it after 2 years.

He proved that it does not depend on where you have done your education, it does not depend on your success, he studied only a modest school and today his name is among the billionaires of the world.

Adani biography (life & success story) 2023.
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Adani marriage and children.

In the year 1998, he married Preeti Adani. Preeti Adani was born in Mumbai. Preeti is a dentist, she has obtained Bachelor of Dental Surgeon degree from Government Dental College, Ahmedabad. Now she is the chairperson of Adani Foundation, social service is done in this foundation.

After the incident of Bhuj earthquake in the year 2001, he renamed it from DAP School to Adani Public School, in addition to this, in 2009 he opened another school named Adani Vidya Mandir, in this school poor children and children of backward classes are given education. Here, no fee of any kind is charged from the children.

He has two sons, his elder son’s name is Karan and younger son is Jeet , karan Was born on 7 April 1987 in Ahmedabad, he did college from America. At present he is the CEO of Ports and SEZ Company and the director of Adani Airport Limited, besides this he is also the chairman of SSC Limited. his elder son Karan Adani is married. His wife’s name is Paridhi Adani. Karan Adani and Paridhi have a daughter. Whose name is Anuradha Adani.

Karan’s younger brother Jeet was born on 7 November 1997. He completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, returned to India in 4 years in 2019 and now manages his father’s business.

Adani biography (life & success story) 2023.
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About growth.

In the year 1978, when Gautam was only 16 years old, he came to Mumbai in connection with the business.
But due to disappointment in business in Mumbai, he returned to Gujarat in 1981 and started working in his brother’s plastic factory there.
After about 7 years, in 1988, he started Adani Enterprises, which used to do export import of commodities.
After only 3 years in 1981, there were many economic reforms in his company. Due to which it became a multinational business.

When his company got the contract to operate Mundra Port in the year 1995, then the success of his company started increasing rapidly.In the year 1996, Adani Power Limited started running port and railway and mining businesses in Australia and Indonesia, since then this company started coming into limelight.

At present the business of Adani Group Enterprises is spread across diverse sectors like Energy, Airports, Gas, Defence, Mining, Power Generation, Ports.Today Adani company has many branches, including Adani Total Gas Limited, Adani Wilmar, Adani Power, Adani Port and Special Economic Zone, Adani Green Energy, Adani Enterprises.

On 27 April 2022, he made his name in place of the second richest person in the world and left behind many billionaires like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani.

His business started in 1988 when he started Adani Export which is now known as Adani Enterprises. It is the largest import export company in India which deals in import export of agriculture and electricity. His company in 1991 This came to the fore when he started selling metal agricultural products and trading clothes around the world.

He got permission to run Mundra Port from Gujarat Government in 1994, which he took great advantage of. In 1995, he started Adani Ports. Its name started appearing in the biggest multi-port companies of the country.

In the year 1996, he started the Adani Power Company, whose job was to produce electricity, after that he ran the country’s largest private power plant, which had a capacity of 4620 MW.

From 2006 to 2012, he expanded his electricity business in the country as well as abroad. Started in the year 2020 in the Department of Solar Energy and Renewable Energy In May they won the project in the auction conducted by the Energy Corporation Hey bid about 6 million dollars.

In the year 2021, Adani bought 74% of the Mumbai International Airport, the year after that, in the year 2022, he became the richest person in India, leaving behind Mukesh Ambani and other Indian billionaires, and till now he has maintained his position.

Adani biography (life & success story) 2023.
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According to the report of Wealth India Rich, in 2021 Padhaane had assets of Rs 506000 crores.
And he used to earn around 1002 crore rupees daily. In 2022, Gautam Adani’s total assets reached $155, leaving behind Mukesh Ambani and many rich.

Adani’s award

Awarded the SRTEPC Award in 2000

In 2004 Rani was awarded the ICSA Award for Excellence in Corporates by the Governor

He was awarded the GCCI Export Application Award in 2004

He was awarded the Excellence in Management Award by the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2007.

Government of India awarded ISPS International Code for Safety of Ships and Port Facilities to Adani for compliance.

Gautam ji was awarded the Gold Superstar Training House and SOPA Award in 2001

About Groups

Adani Group is a group of companies created by Gautam Adani, the headquarters of Adani Group is located in Mumbai and Adani Group was established by Gautam Adani, the chairman of Adani Group is Gautam Adani. Whose total assets are around $ 10, Adani Group is one of the most export import companies in the country. Adani Group was started in 1988, he first opened an export-import company and with the help of this, he has established many companies today. The family has a big hand in this. Third group after Reliance in India to achieve this feat.

About propertis

2 years ago, He bought the luxurious bungalow called the showpiece of Delhi’s famous area Lutyens for Rs 400 crores. This bungalow is spread over 3 point 4 acres of land. This price is also considered low for such a spacious and beautiful bungalow.

This was said because it was won as part of the bankruptcy proceedings of Aditya Assets. It is a kind of award. Aditya was the owner of this property since 1985 but due to his bankruptcy, he had to sell it, which was originally worth Rs 1000 crores, but Rani ji got it for around Rs. 400 crores only.

Although it was declared 265 crores at the time of auction of this house, but he had to pay 135 crores to convert it from leasehold to freehold, due to which its total cost became ₹400 crores. Some people believe that it is not appropriate to call a house a house because it is not less than a paradise, this house is priceless.

Although we have already told you the real price of this house, which is one thousand crore rupees, but Adani ji got this as a prize. What he did not even imagine, he praised this house and said that it is everyone’s dream to have such a house, but even after wanting it, we cannot buy it and it is my luck that I got it.

This luxurious house is in a built up area of 25000 sq. ft. which is spread over 3.5 acres. The house has 7 bedrooms, 6 living rooms, a dining room and a study room as well as a 7000 sq. ft. air staff area. There is a green beautiful garden all around the house, which adds to the beauty of this house. The house is very beautiful in appearance due to floods, its construction style is such that whoever sees it becomes spell-free.
Apart from this luxurious house, Adani ji has about 6 more houses, one of which is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and there is no solid information about the others,

His house located in Ahmedabad is very beautiful, which is near a busy road, although you will find it quiet when you go inside, but the sound of car motor comes outside, there are big trees around the house and a beautiful loan is also located in this Some open courtyards are also designed around the house and Mr. Adani lives in this house with his wife and two sons and daughter-in-law.

Car collection

You will be surprised to see Rani ji’s car collection, she has some expensive car collection, there are about 8 premium cars in her collection, which common man cannot live.

Rolls Royal Ghost: It is one of the Rolls luxury cars sold in the Indian automobile market, its price is around 6 point 20 crores, it gives a great look with a powerful engine.

BMW Series 7 : You must have often seen this car near big celebrities and businessman tycoons, it is one of the most liked cars in BMW. With its latest technology and comfortable interiors the company manufactures.

Ferrari California: The price of California in Indian markets is ₹ 30000000 Its beauty makes it worth it People like it a lot because the name of the Ferrari car is something like this.

Audi Q7: Audi car is easily seen with all celebrities and businessmen because it is their first choice. Audi Q7 is sold in India for a price above Rs.75 lakh.


In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Gautam ji was said to have supported Narendra Modi; he was alleged to have given Modi a chartered plane that enabled him to attend rallies across the country.

After this Gautam ji said in an interview that BJP had paid him market price for using his airlines Gautam ji was kidnapped in the year 1999. It is said that an underworld don named Aneesh Ibrahim, who had kidnapped Gautam ji, had freed him at the cost of 3 crores. He was arrested in a cheating case by a rival of the Delhi Police.

Adani Foundation is a major organization in which social work and social services are provided. The foundation provides its services not only in Gujarat but also in other states of India like Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Rajasthan State, told in some news.

It is known that in the year 2020, when the whole country was fighting with Kovid-19, the Foundation had donated about 100 crore rupees to the PM Care Fund, as well as donated 5 crore rupees to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund of Gujarat and the Relief Fund of Maharashtra. Donated one crore rupees in There are four types of services provided by the Foundation, which include Education, Medical Assistance, Rural Development Assistance and Charitable Initiatives.

Gautam ji is not only a business tycoon but he is also a philanthropist. He has a big heart. And Adani Foundation also plays an important role in this matter. They are at the forefront of helping the needy. They have contributed in education, community, health, rural infrastructure development and other social services.

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