Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal marriage best 2023

Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal

Now happiness is going to come in the homes of some top officials of India as well because in the year 2023 Sahara has been closed on their heads too. Both OYO Ritesh Agarwal and Physics Wala’s Alakh Pandey are going to get married in March 2023.

Now their names are going to be removed from the list of bachelors soon. In this post those Indian entrepreneurs are being discussed whose marriage is in March 2023.

Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal marriage news 2023
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Oyo’s Ritesh Agarwal is also going to tie the knot in March this year, for which he met the Prime Minister on 18 February 2023 along with his fiancee and mother and invited them. After Ritesh Agarwal’s marriage, he will be seen in a reception function in a five star hotel in Delhi.

You must have heard a famous name in the world of Edtech, “Physics Wala”. To make this name reach this point, a person’s name is Alag Pandey, who is the founder of this Edtech company. Alakh Pandey ji is going to tie the knot at the end of this month. Alakh Pandey and Shivani Dubey will get married at the end of February. The couple had announced their engagement on May 2022. This will be followed by a reception at a five star hotel in Delhi.

Alakh Pandey and Shivani Dubey are also both from Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh.

Another big name to tie the knot is Himesh and Kairav, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Himesh Academy. Himesh and Kairav, who are all set to tie the knot this year, will tie the knot in February this year. The wedding will be followed by a reception and reception at a 5-star wedding venue in Bengaluru.

PM Modi was invited in this way

OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi and invited him for his wedding. He along with his mother and fiancee went to give the leader to the Prime Minister. Their marriage is going to happen next month in a five star hotel in Delhi.

Ritesh Agarwal himself gave information about this meeting with the Prime Minister by sharing a photo through his Instagram. In which he was taking blessings by touching the feet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also presented a sol to PM Modi.

Writing on Instagram, Ritesh Agarwal said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi blessed us and also gave best wishes for the beginning of a new life. Ritesh was saying that we cannot express in words how PM Modi ji welcomed us. Thanking the Prime Minister, we are very grateful for giving us your precious time and his mother PM Modi’s wife Very inspired by the vision of empowerment, that’s why she was very eager to meet Modi ji.

Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal marriage news 2023
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How did Alakh Pandey and Riya Dubey meet

Alakh Pandey This name is more famous than the name of Edtech company Physics Wala, in fact Alakh Pandey grew up in a Brahmin family living in a middle class family in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, due to the closure of his father’s business in childhood, the family situation continued to deteriorate.

Alak Pandey was interested in teaching since childhood. He has said many times through interviews that he started teaching when he was in class VIII, as he used to teach class VIII and when he was in class X, he taught class IX.

After 12th, he started engineering as a mechanic but dropped out of college in the third year. He believed that he is very good at teaching and he is happy to start teaching instead of doing engineering. But his family members were against it, only his elder sister helped him and he started teaching.

Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal marriage news 2023
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When he used to teach in a coaching, then for the first time in his life a girl came, she was from the Muslim community. They maintained this relationship for a long time, but later when it came to marriage, the family members of the girl did not agree. Later he got her married somewhere else, due to which Alak Pandey was going through a lot of difficulties. After this incident, he would never make a relationship with any girl.

But in some interviews, he himself told that he had two girlfriends. Wali was also from the Muslim community and the same incident happened again with her.

After this, Alak Pandey started his Edtech company moving towards heights in his life and took it far ahead. Then he met Riya Dubey

Alakh Pandey and Ritesh Agarwal marriage news 2023
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But Alag Pandey did not take the matter further, Riya Dubey was from a Brahmin family and she used to like Alag Pandey a lot, so she took Alag Pandey’s phone number from somewhere and started talking to him.

Told that when they talked for the first time, Alakh Pandey was selecting the design of T-shirts for the new sale, in which it was written that Tera Bhi Katega and Tu Physics Padega, on which Riya Dubey gave him the idea that Aap Tera Ko 1 3 Likho this Will feel good Alak Pandey liked this advice very much, later the talk progressed and gradually their friendship grew, in May last year both announced their engagement and they are going to get married at the end of this month.

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