Bernard Arnold Biography best 2023

Bernard Arnold

Often we see that the names keep moving up and down in the list of the world’s richest people, one of them is Bernard Arnold. he is a billionaire investor, besides the chairman and owner of the world’s largest luxury company, louis vuitto se. Bernard Arnold achieved the title of Richest Man in the World very soon and that is why today his name appears above the list of rich people of the world.

In the year 2019, on June 20, Bernard left behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, only once but he became the world’s richest person. In 2019, his network was more than that of Bill Gates. had also overtaken and became the richest man in the world.

On the year 2019 July 27, Bernard’s net worth was about 103.3 billion-dollar i.e. about 718980 crore rupees. While at that time the network of Bill Gates was 104.7 billion dollars, in March 2019, Bernard left Berkshire Hathway chairman warren buffet behind. Kar became the third richest person in the world.

Today in 2023, where the first name of the world’s richest person comes, bernard arnault , whose total network is 223 billion dollars.The name that comes second after this is elon mask , the total net worth in 2023 is 182 billion-dollar.

Today they have made their companies stand on such a point that if you search bernard arnault comapany name on Google search, then not one of them but many such companies come out, all of them are more than one.

Actually his full name is not bernard arnault but bernard jean etienne arnault.In the year 1981, when the french socialists came to power, after that Arnold and his family were forcefully expelled from the country, then they moved to the United States and started living there and started their business again.

And after about 2 years when the political scenario changed and when it became like before in France. So he returned to France with his family in 1983, after returning to his country, he invested a lot in his business.

During this time, Bernard Arnold started buying the companies he could buy and became the owner of Christian Dior and Brand & Lebon Marche Department Store, in the year 1985, dior also became the CEO of the company, his company used to do business of LVMH fashion and leather.

Bernard Arnold Biography best 2023
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It is still second in the world in terms of net worth, after all, how it was possible, he will try to know. By buying 48 percent share, this company used to do business of fashionable and wordworld luxury things. It also bought many big companies like perfume firm guerlain, loew, marc jacobs, sephora and thoms pink. Mode was bought for 3 point 2 billion dollars and forbes
According to the list, his net worth is about three percent of France’s GDP.

Bernard Arnold personal life

Bernard Arnault was born on March 5, 1949, in the town of Roubaix, France, and grew up in a middle-class family.His father’s name is Jean Arnault and mother’s name is Marie Josephe Savinel.His father, Jean Leon Arnault, was the owner of the manufacturer and had an engineering company called Ferret Savinel.

Since childhood, he wanted to give a big shape to his father’s business, but due to lack of sufficient knowledge, he did not think it right at that time and as time passed, Bernard Arnold learned a lot about business and later Bernard Arnold took this name further in the business world, his mother was a housewife.

Bernard Arnold started his early studies from his home in roubaix, he was very smart in studies and gradually his stop moved towards business after studying up to 12th standard. Bernard Arnold later went to the Lycee Maxence Vander Meersch University for college studies and after that he obtained an engineering degree in the year 1970 from the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau France.

Bernard Arnold was influenced by a girl in his life, after that in the year 1971 he married her, whose name was Anne Dewavri. After their marriage, their relationship gradually deteriorated and after a few days the situation became such that they both had to separate from each other, due to which a few days later another girl named helene mercier came into their lives. After a few days of relationship, both of them got married. Arnault had a daughter and four sons,

Bernard Arnold Biography best 2023
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His elder son’s name is antoine arnault and second son’s name is frederic arnault and third’s alexandre arnault and fourth is jean arnault and his daughter’s name is delphine arnault.
All four of his sons are talking about today’s business and they have also had a big hand in taking this business to such heights. Arnold says that if my family did not support me, then perhaps I would not have reached this point today His daughter also helps him in this work. all of them are controlling the brand in one of their companies today.

Bernard Arnold Business journey

After finishing his engineering studies, the burden of family responsibilities started coming on his head, then he decided to work as an engineer in his father’s company, Jean Leon Arnault, and from 1971 to 1976, he worked as an engineer in that company. Worked on the post, from there he learned a lot about business. The plan to take this company further by making some changes was going on in his mind, but his father was against it, as time passed, he convinced his father to turn this company towards real estate and told them about its benefits.

Eventually Bernard Arnold convinced his father about it and formed a new company named Ferinel, became the CEO of that company in the year 1977 and then made his father the President of this company in the year 1979.
Now something else was going on in his mind, Bernard Arnold had to associate his business with this company as well as luxurious companies, then he later met with antonie bernheim, after which he joined a company named financiere agache and worked for a few days. Even after becoming the CEO of this company, this company was a company of luxurious goods which used to trade in luxury items.

Now after coming in the luxurious sector, he had the intention of doing something big and at that time there were newcomers in the share market of LVMH, a famous company in this sector. That’s why he started buying the shares of this company and in no time he bought a total of 48% shares of this company and also got 35% voting rights in his name. After this, on January 13, 1989, he stood for the election of the Chairman of the Executive Management Board. Applied for and won the election and became the chairman since then he never looked back and kept on touching the heights.

As soon as he joined the LVMH company and was working as its chairman, gradually this company went on touching heights and only after 11 years of time, this company increased its market value by about 15 times and its The profit increased by more than 500 percent, due to which he started investing in many companies, including ZeBank, and netflix.

In July 1988, Arnault commissioned Celine, and in the same year the clothing line French fashion designer Christian Lacroix was chosen to advertise the luxury company.In the year 1993, LVMH incorporated berluti and kenzo with them and in the same year, Arnault also bought the French based newspaper named La Tribune.La Tribune invested their 150 million euros but never found success and gave up and decided to sell it in November 2007 to buy a separate French newspaper, Les Echos, for 240 million.

In the year 1999, Arnold set his eyes on a company called Gucci, this company is known as a well-known company in the leather business, before the owners of this company, Tom Ford and Domenico, found out that Arnault had secretly taken 5 percent of its lions. Gucci reacted hostilely to this, criticizing it and told the news that Arnold had increased his stake to 34%

Insisted that he wanted to act as a subsidiary representative. The owner of that company, in turn, proposed that at the behest of the board, Arnold would stop increasing his stake, but he did not do anything like this, instead doing the opposite and continuously buying gas shares, then the owner of the company discussed with the board and prepared a plan to stop his stake. Through which they were trying to transfer all the stake to their employees. This fight continued till 2001. Later, after the decision of the law, LVMH sent all its lions with a profit of $ 700 million.

According to a 2007 Blue Capital report, Arnold owns about 10.69 percent of France’s largest supermarket and the world’s second largest fertilizer distributor, Kris, jointly with Californian property firm Colony Capital.

In 2008, Arnold entered the yacht business and bought Princes Road for approximately 253 million euros.

Bernard Arnold Biography best 2023
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Bernard Arnold Art collection

Arnold had a great passion for painting. He has a large collection of paintings, including paintings by Picasso, Yves, Henry Moore and Andy Warhol. He established the LVMH as an important patron of the arts in France. college students school conducts competition for students the winner of the competition held every year to assist in the creation of the designer’s label and 1 year mentorship of seven designers from year 1999 to 2003

He is an art He also worked as an auctioneer in France on the owner of the auction, as well as bought a lot of art during the auction and also started the construction plan of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, he himself designed the building that was to be used for this foundation. The foundation was inaugurated in Paris on 20 October 2014.

Bernard Arnold properties

According to Bloomberg’s report, Arnault’s house in Paris is built as a mansion whose picture is made by the world’s famous painter and it is found in the world’s famous paintings, in which a priceless painting has been preserved. According to the report, his property is spread over about 2000 square meters and is in a luxurious town, apart from this, his house Sand A Million Board is built in the middle of the vineyards in France, it is about 150 years old palace, in this house he lives with his wife. lives with helen arnold since 1998 he lives with.

Arnault designed it for his personal visits It is located in the world’s largest sakhi region It is located in the farthest regions in the north in France and is about 150 years old It was bought privately by Albert Arnold in this house There are about 34 rooms and one is lying and there is a balcony overlooking the mountain, a balcony that gives a view of the whole mountain, as well as a penthouse on it, it has a huge heated pool, lush surrounding it. Due to its vineyard, its beauty increases further because due to the greenery around this house, its look looks spectacular and the area near it is counted in the world’s largest wine-growing region.

Although Arnold’s grandmother’s house is in France and he lives there, but apart from this he has 5 properties in Beverly only and their total cost is $ 125 million, two of which are in the 2nd status area, both of which are near each other. is located in the same area while the two are across from each other on World Street.It is not limited to only Grow but after having so much money they have bought 133 acres of Indigo Deep in Ba Mas for about $35 million.

Apart from the home island, he also has a boat named Symphony, this boat is very beautiful in appearance, it is beautifully designed by Vivid Design, its cost is about 130 million euros.

Arnold owns a private jet named Bombardier Global Express which is worth around $52 million.

Bernard Arnold’s car collection will drive you crazy His car collection is so spectacular that the beholder goes to the square, which includes some expensive works like Rolls Royal, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz Bernard Arnault is the richest person in the world today.

The most expensive of bernard’s car collection and his favorite are 6 vehicles, the first one is the rolls royal ghost which has a total cost of $345900 the second is the rolls royal dawn which is worth $375900 the third is the bentley bentayga which is worth $185800 on the fourth number BMW 7 series car with a total price of $120000 comes at number 5 mercedes-benz s-class with a market price of $135500 comes at number 6 cadillac Escalade with a total price of $110000

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