Iran’s leader pardons prisoners best 2023

Iran‘s leader pardons prisoner

State news agency IRNA reported on Sunday that Irans supreme leader had released some prisoners arrested in recent anti-government protests that have accumulated more than 10,000 prisoners. may be subject but this step of the government helped in reducing the nationwide unrest

State news agency IRNA reported on Sunday that supreme leader has recently acquitted anti-government protesters, including thousands of protesters, in a move that helped ease the nationwide unrest.

Although according to the details announced in the media report, the leader put a pardon condition for all the thousands of released prisoners and asked them to comply, but these thousands of prisoners do not include Vekdi who live on dual citizenship

Iran's leader pardons prisoners
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The state’s news agency reported that the way corruption is increasing on the earth, in the same way the accused also resort to some demonstrations to make false accusations and capital accusations, sometimes some protesters die in the demonstrations and some demonstrations are peaceful. The Viardot protests escalated into violence in Iran after the deaths of a young man and an Iranian woman in police custody last September, and protesters marked one of the most helpful challenges to the Islamic republic since its 1979 revolution. and protesters from all walks of life participated in this demonstration which later took the form of a violent demonstration.

According to Iran’s major news agency HRANA, about 20000 protesters were arrested under these protests and along with this the authorities have also accused Iran’s foreign enemies of inciting.

The Right group says that more than 500 protesters have been killed in this government crackdown, including 70 minor protesters. According to the judiciary, at least 4 people have also been hanged, which is a common practice in Iran.

A stone was given to the head of the judiciary after Iran’s top leader made an apology for months. They have just come to protest in the name of money or religion.

But the great thing is that since the executions started, the protest has become quite minded and the growing people seem to be moving away from the demonstration because of the government of Iran to thwart the plan of foreign enemies and revolutionary opposition currents. After the tough stand taken, many youths are regretting their actions, said the big leader of Iran.

Iran's leader pardons prisoners
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Khamenei handed over this memorandum to the Iranian government on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and also approved the pardon.

The government has not spared protesters caught on charges of espionage and protesters working for foreign agents, and protesters who kill and injure, as well as arsonists who destroy state property and desecrate property. Only those who demonstrate drinking will be released on this recommendation

Naturally people who are regretting their actions and feel ashamed of their activities and their actions and there are some people who do not regret their actions and activities then the government gives their convictions and does not forgive them. will go

An human rights group based in Norway said at least 100 people who faced the death penalty during the protests were executed.

But Amnesty International criticized the Iranian authorities.

If seen in general, Iran is a very law-abiding country, in this, laws have been made for every small work and guidelines are given to follow them, to reduce the crime in Iran, the government there Directly gives death sentence but these figures have decreased in few days because after foreign protest and due to this strict rule of the government there nothing wrong is done.

This is the first time in the last years that when People from all over have gathered and protested fiercely, but due to the strict rules of the government of Iran, the protesters are slowly moving away from the demonstration and demonstrating peacefully, the reason for this protest being fierce is that the government of Iran itself.


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