Bigg Boss season 16 winner?|Bigg Boss MC stand Best 2023

Bigg Boss season 16

Bigg Boss Indian TV Shop is a shadowy name which has been running since many years and rapper MC Stand recently lifted the glittering trophy of Bigg Boss Season 16. Last night was the grand finale that decided who would win the trophy.

Bigg Boss season 16 winner?|Bigg Boss MC stand  Best 2023
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Ripper MC won the trophy along with Rs 31 lakh. However, while the fans of another MC stand were celebrating the victory, the fans of Priyanka Chahat Chaudhary were not happy with this victory, due to which there was a lot of ruckus on social media. There was discussion on social media that the contest would be between Shiv Thackeray and Priyanka Chahar but it did not happen due to which all the hobby makers were heavily trolled on social media. After this, now such news is coming, according to which there will be an atmosphere of happiness among Priyanka’s fans.

Priyanka’s luck shines

For the fans of Priyanka Chauhan, she will be the winner of this year’s season because Salman Khan also once said in the show that according to him Priyanka is the winner, seeing this everyone felt that Priyanka would be the winner but something happened. And because of which everyone had to face disappointment.
Priyanka may not have got the trophy but she has got such a good news due to which all her fans will be happy. Actually Priyanka had won a beauty competition of My Glam during the show. As per the terms of which Priyanka will get ₹ 2500000 and a chance to work with Shraddha Kapoor in My Glam Ad.

And it is being told that King Khan will also get a chance to work together, in fact, Priyanka Chahar will get a chance to work in Shah Rukh Khan’s new film Danki. Also, during the show, Salman Khan also expressed his desire to work with Priyanka. Was . Seeing all these, it has to be said that Priyanka may not have won the trophy, but she should not feel sad for losing. Apart from this, it was also learned that Priyanka got work in many big projects.

Bigg Boss season 16 winner?|Bigg Boss MC stand Best 2023
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Protest against the victory of MC stand

Looking at the ongoing controversies on social media, it seems that the fans are not satisfied with the victory of MC Stand. There is a lot of opposition to the makers of Bigg Boss on social media. Fans say that the name of the winner is already there. It was fixed. They claim that the makers wanted to give the trophy to MC Stan. Some people say that MC stand did nothing and got the trophy. User wrote that you guys should be ashamed, Bigg Boss means nothing. And taking away the trophy, a lot of controversies like this are being raised on Bigg Boss.

winner of bigg boss season 15

A similar atmosphere prevailed on the results of Bigg Boss season 15 when the fans had the same idea as to who would win the trophy this time and Tejashwi Prakash, the most beautiful contestant of Bigg Boss, won the title of dry winner. Fans and family are not very happy, everyone celebrated a lot. Salman Khan, Shahnaz Gill and other contestants congratulated him for his victory.

Tejashwi Prakash won the glittering trophy along with a prize of Rs 4000000, Shehnaaz Gill gave a special tribute to her special friend Siddharth Shukla, who has been the winner of season 13, through a beautiful dance performance. Also remembered the beautiful journey of Apni Tel Bhi season. Seeing this emotional performance, everyone’s eyes became moist.

Shahnaz Gill entered Bigg Boss season 15, she became very emotional after meeting Salman Khan in the show and she brought back her old memories with Siddharth Shukla, which made her emotional, later Salman Khan hugged Shehnaaz this season. In Shahnaz, Salman both were seen having a lot of fun.

Big Boss season 15 winner Tejashwi Prakash has been announced to be cast as the lead actress of Ekta Kapoor’s most famous show Naagin Six, now Tejashwi Prakash will make a special place in the hearts of his fans in a new way.

Bigg Boss season 16 winner?|Bigg Boss MC stand Best 2023
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what is bigg boss show

Bigg Boss show today it is very much discussed on TV, today people are very crazy about it, in fact this show was first run on 3 November 2006.

Yeh Hai Soo was first run in Hindi language which premiered its first season in the year 2006 on Sony TV. At that time the show was hosted by Arshad Warsi, the winner of the show was given one crore rupees as a prize. In the next season, the show was aired on Colors TV, which was hosted by Shilpa Shetty, followed by Bigg Boss season 3. Aaya which was hosted by Masoor actor Amitabh Bachchan. In the fourth season, Salman Khan was chosen to host the show.

In the fifth season, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan were selected to host the show. After this, Salman Khan is hosting the show from the 6th season till date. The show is telecast from Lonavla Mumbai. Build a grand purpose built show in Lonavla till the 5th season was shot later for 1 year. ND studio makeup new house in Pune The house in Lonavala has been recreated and the next season is being shot here

The stars in the Big Boss show are contestants who live together in a house for 3 months and have no contact with the outside world, they are looked after by a person called Big Boss, on this basis it is named Big Boss. . The presence of Bigg Boss is known only by its voice. One of the contestants is first nominated to be evicted from the house. Throughout October, the public votes to retain their favorite contestant.

The contestant who gets the least number of votes is thrown out of the house and this cycle continues till the final winner is found. Apart from this, many tasks are given in the week to become the captain and luxury of the house, which the person The one who completes these tasks is made the captain of the week.

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