lithium mine in India|lithium news best 2023


Big treasure in the hands of India. India has got reserves of Lithium.

Today, where the world is getting attracted towards green energy, if India gets reserves of Lithium, then it is icing on the cake for Sony.
Lithium is used in car, phone, torch batteries and other chargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries will be a major source of energy in the future. People are now shifting from petrol and diesel equipment to lithium-ion battery equipment. Lithium M plays a role in the manufacture of all these batteries.

lithium mine in India|lithium news best 2023
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Lithium ion is used to store energy in the battery, once upon a time there was no value of this lithium, but in today’s era, Li. is becoming gold.

Large reserves of lithium have been found in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir in India. According to the Geological Survey of India, the reserves of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir are 5.9 million tonnes.

Now the question is arising in the mind of every Indian whether this discovery of Li. will bring a big revolution in the country.  What will change in the country because of this. India was called world guru in history, but today India is working hard to make itself a world guru. Can this Li. reserve be the reason for our India to become world guru? Answer all the questions.  To get the answer we have to understand the role of lithium.

why is Li. so important

Today the world is moving towards green energy, due to carbon emissions, a lot of pollution is spreading, to prevent which the government across the country is using green energy, for this all Li. ion batteries are being used.

The second biggest reason for using this battery is that it can be used by charging it again. Li. plays an important role in installing energy in this battery.

Due to being rechargeable, the life of these batteries is longer, due to these reasons, Li. becomes an essential metal for the coming times.

Although many other metals are used in Li.-ion batteries, but Li.-ion plays an important role in it. Li.m-ion batteries are used in electric cars, electric trucks or e-rickshaws.  After getting this lithium reserve, the country will be able to boost battery manufacturing. This will reduce the cost of batteries in the country.

If we talk about the countries where Li. is found in the world, then they did not know the name of India, but after this reserve, the name of India will also be associated with these countries.  Due to this India’s position will be even stronger.

lithium mine in India|lithium news best 2023
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If seen, the price of 1 ton of Li. in India is 57.36 lakh rupees in Indian rupees and 59 lakh tonnes of lithium has been found in the lithium reserves found in India.
According to this, whose total cost in today’s time is 33,84,31,221 lakh rupees or we can say that it is 3384 billion rupees.  This price is as per today’s rate, keeps on changing with the global market.

how is the price of Li. determined?

Be it Li. or any other metal, its value varies, just as the value of a company’s share keeps increasing and decreasing every day in the stock market, in the same way there are commodity markets, the value of metal in this market is there.  Just as the prices of gold and silver vary every single day, in the same way, there are changes everyday even after Li.

Who does the most Li. production?

According to the 2021 report, most lithium is found in Australia, it produces 52% of Li. in the world’s Li. production.  Chile comes second, producing 24.5% of the total lithium production. Therefore, China is at number one, which produces 13.2% of the total Li. production. These three countries together produce 90% of the total lithium, but from now on these 3  India’s name has also been associated with other countries.

lithium mine in India|lithium news best 2023
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Why is demand increasing?

All countries around the world are moving towards green energy, due to which the demand for electrical vehicles and equipment is increasing day by day in all countries, Li. ion batteries are used in all these individual equipments, in which lithium plays an important role.  According to the report, from the year 2000 to 2015, the demand for lithium has increased 30 times.

Observers say that from 2015 to 2025 the demand for films will increase by 1000 percent.  In such a situation, its price is bound to increase.

Due to the availability of this reserve of Li. in the country, the cost of batteries will decrease, due to which the trend of people will increase towards electrical vehicles, which will show a decline in the prices of petrol diesel and pollution will also decrease.

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