Brahmamudi 17th May Episode | Brahma mudi New Episode

Brahmamudi Episode

In yesterday’s episode of Brahmamudi we saw Aparna firing on Kavya for doing pooja then Sivatandavam asked who gave such courage to Kavya but Dhanalakshmi who was already angry with Raj stood up against Apna and said in the house So daughters-in-law are not respected at all, what is this rule.

Brahmamudi 17th May Episode | Brahma mudi New Episode
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And said that everyone here is the same, she was shocked to see that on the other hand Rudrani put more salt in all the tiffins to cover Kavya, with this everyone looked at Kavya and started saying different words.

Brahmamudi New Episode

In today’s Brahma mudi episode, Kavya cooks food again and goes to the office table, then again does not eat anything today. Raj sees Kavya being humiliated by the security guards and gets angry at them. Done

He took Kavya in the car to the shopping mall and bought her sarees of her choice. Kavya is also shocked and looks with suspicion whether this is all art or reality. On the other hand, Sopra went to meet Rahul at the same shopping mall. She is standing in front and just at that moment Raj and Kavya come out but Rahul thinks he has to bring Kavya anyway before Raj can dream.

Brahmamudi 17th May Episode | Brahma mudi New Episode
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Brahmamudi today

In today’s episode of Brahmamudi, Kavya again cooks food for Raj, but she gets late while making it, Raj also leaves, yet Kavya tries hard to give him food.

Then when Kavya takes Raj’s office food, she is suspiciously looked at by her security guard after seeing her outfit. And Raj keeps watching it all from inside.

Then Raj comes out and scolds him for the car and says that every time do not bring such a car like a procession.

Then he takes Kavya in the car in front of Shamil’s shopping mall.

Just then a flower seller comes and asks to take the flower, he tells Raj that this is not my wife, then the policeman comes and tells him that you may be a kidnapper.

After that after some bickering it ends today’s episode of Brahmamudi

Brahmamudi 17th May Episode | Brahma mudi New Episode
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Brahmamudi Story in short

  1. In tomorrow’s episode of Brahma, Aparna fires at Kavya for performing puja at home.
  2. Dhanalakshmi, who was already angry with Raj, stood up against Aparna.
  3. Kavya also wonders whether all this is art or real. Swapna went to meet Rahul on the other side

Brahmamudi 17th May Episode:

  1. Kavya cooks for Raj again.
  2. Meanwhile Kavya comes near the office.
  3. Security questions and suspects a lot
  4. Raj says, don’t come to office with a car like a wedding ceremony
  5. Later, Raj stops the car in front of a shopping mall.
  6. Kavya teases. Raj says my facial expressions have changed because of you.

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