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Brahmamudi serial

Raj Went to office without eating yesterday’s Brahmamudi episode. She cooks food again and goes to Raj’s office.
Brahmamudi Today |Brahmamudi serial| Brahmamudi  new serial
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But Kavya is prevented from entering there by security and humiliated
Took Kavya for shopping and bought sarees. Swapna waits to meet Rahul near the same shopping mall.

Brahmamudi serial today

In today’s Brahmamudi episode, we will see that Raj and Kavya are shown coming out of the shopping mall and in that she sees Swapra near them and then they both get into a fight and get angry. She shouts.

In the second scene, their house is also shown, in which Rudrani comes to Indrani Devi and Aparna and questions Kavya when she is not at home. There is also some quarrel regarding Kavya, after that Dhanalakshmi is seen saying that this is a joint family and if anything happens in it, it will go to the men, so be careful, such things should not happen in future.

After that Raj is seen going to his office in the next scene in Brahmamudi.
Then a little Brahmamudi scene is cut still showing some contract between Rudrani Indira Devi and Aparna and then in the office scene today’s father Subhash and his uncle come to Raj’s cabin

Brahmamudi Today |Brahmamudi serial| Brahmamudi new serial
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Brahmamudi Episode

They start congratulating that it is a good surprise that Kavya has brought tiffin for you. Subhash says is this food only for her because we have also come without eating, we were also late, all three and our elder brother They also come out and pointing to each other while doing me too, they said that we were also late in the morning, so does he say that I understand, but I made chutney in the morning, it has gone bad and We should also take care of our health, such a scene is visible to him in the cabin and then the normal conversation is also visible.

Then Kavya goes to that girl and says expressing regret that why should I insult you so much without seeing that you are a perfect girl.

She forbids that girl to cry and says that you do not know the boss because you are new here and here your sir is not perfect.

Brahmamudi Today |Brahmamudi serial| Brahmamudi new serial
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Brahmamudi Scene

The girl says there is some mistake in my design, I have put it correctly, then what do you say, thinking is not enough because your boss sees not only good things but also some flaws, then only it will be right.

Then Kavya sees that project of hers and says correct it and then she corrects it after seeing the project herself, in this the girls are surprised because it was absolutely accurate.

Then it is seen that Kavya has served food to everyone and everyone keeps joking while eating food and jokingly says that for this food one has to use chisel hammer but Raj is still not happy and everyone else like Subhash keeps praising kavya

Brahmamudi Today |Brahmamudi serial| Brahmamudi new serial
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Meanwhile the girl comes holding Kavya’s design and shows it at night. Raj takes her and says I think you have set everything up and says it would have been better if you did this, time would have been saved and says that you send me mail if girls say thank you

And Kavya says okay uncle, I know he cannot stay hungry and he does not like to eat outside, now Raj has eaten his fill, this is enough satisfaction for me.

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