Death due to artificial sugar in diabetes 2023

artificial sugar in diabetes

Diabetes has become such a big problem in today’s time, in which not only old people but also children are involved and affected by this terrible disease. It is also harmful for the affected people and also gives stress.

Death due to Artifical sugar in diabetes 2023
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it is a complex disease in which a person is overweight or obese, changes in lifestyle, lethargy, lack of appetite, etc.
The sufferer of this disease is also advised to avoid sugar or it is advised to control the amount of sugar. People say that using sugar in excess is called diabetes.
Mainly, diabetic patients are warned to avoid sweet things, but some older people use artificial sugar to fulfill their hobby, which is used to supplement sugar.

What came in the research?

But after a big research, it has been found that the chances of heart attack are greatly increased in people who use artificial sugar. Researchers said that artificial sugar has been an alternative source of sugar for a very long time, after using which people did not have any problem in avoiding sugar because they used to use artificial sugar.

Why is life in danger?

But after this research, there is a fear of danger to the lives of many people because scientists have told that artificial sugar increases the chances of heart diseases very much.
Researchers have done a study on this, in that study they have warned that using artificial sugar can have long term risks.

Erythritol is a popular artificial sugar widely available and in use in India and abroad
The study, which included 4,000 people in the US and Europe, claimed that long-term use of this particular artificial sugar was associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. some of whom were already suffering from heart diseases

Death due to Artifical sugar in diabetes 2023
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Studies have shown that erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sugar and is made through fermentation. After it is used, erythritol is poorly digested. Instead it goes into the bloodstream and is mainly The human body naturally makes small amounts of erythritol.

Hence such uses should be avoided as consumption of such substances means calorie gain and weight gain may increase the risk of diabetes so sufferers should at least choose good fiber options to get the right balance and in very few cases Diabetes is completely cured in me, once diabetes occurs, it remains for life, this disease is not even that difficult, it can be managed effectively with the help of some easy methods, even with the disease of diabetes. Many people live happily, they just need some restraint

The body’s ability to use blood sugar is affected by the chronic condition Lymer. Nevertheless, glucose levels have effects on all bodies. This issue, especially if it goes unchecked, can increase your risk.

Diabetes is divided into how many parts

it is divided into two types, in simple language, it is of two types, type one and type two, in which it is determined on the basis of different symptoms.

1- In type one diabetes, the body stops producing insulin and it is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system attacks the cells of its pancreas and destroys them, mainly seen in young children or young people.

2- Type 2 diabetes sufferers either produce less insulin in the body or the body cells become insensitive to insulin. Type II can occur in older people or obese and less physiologically responsive youth.

Death due to Artifical sugar in diabetes 2023
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There are many main reasons for this, which are as follows-

insulin deficiency,
high blood pressure,
someone in the family having diabetes,
Habit of not exercising
high cholesterol level,
growing old,
hormonal imbalance,
bad eating habits,

By finding out all these reasons, you can get rid of it by treating it at the right time because it is not a severe disease, it is possible to be treated at the right time and treating it at the right time also proves to be right.

Death due to Artifical sugar in diabetes 2023
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what are its symptoms

Sudden decrease or increase in the cause of the body,
excessive thirst,
blurriness before the eyes,
frequent urination,
skin infection,
excessive hunger,
vaginal infections,
wounds take a long time to heal,
oral infections,

This can also be prevented by some easy home remedies.

To avoid this eat less sweet,
Avoid eating anything made of sugar,
do the exercise,
morning evening walk,
Drink more water, avoid things like soda, cold drinks etc.
lose weight and keep it under control,
Abstain from smoking and alcohol,
Consume more of high fiber and protein,
Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency,

We have also told earlier that this is not a severe disease, its treatment is possible, we have suggested some easy and home remedies above, using which they can be done to some extent even sitting at home, not only can they be cured by using them. Rather than this, immunity power can also be increased in our body. Man should keep doing regular exercise and exercise even in normal life.

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