Israel’s new environment minister shouted off stage|Israel new environment minister best 2023

Israel new environment minister

Israel ‘s new environment minister was booed off the stage at a climate summit in the desert capital as protests against a far-right government in Israel escalate this year, the most in the country’s 75-year history.

Shortly after the new administration minister took the podium in Ben Gurion, a university in Israel on Tuesday morning itself, all the spectators and activists sitting there created ruckus and started shouting slogans and their environment minister was their target. Shame on you for what you have done in the conference, he said, and that is what the legislator started shouting repeatedly, who had taken the post of environment minister in front of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January itself.

Israel's new environment minister shouted off stage|Israel new environment minister
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You should never defile and tarnish your motherland where you live and you should never stand against your people and your state and expect to be against your state as well as Minister Silman said and “speak through mockery” leave it to our enemies you just sit and listen because “in a democracy we just listen”

After this, millions of protesters also demonstrated to oppose the new administration’s plans to give excessive power to the cassettes there to override the judiciary and there was a protest in the capital Jerusalem, just a day after the ruckus movement. Big change seen in which critics say this administration will also take away independent courts

Supporters there say that the independent court system makes the judges there stricter and stronger and also strengthens the law and order which is more creditable than voting and not even on election day. Even the president usually says that this decision of the new government will allow Netanyahu to fight the criminal charges against him by choosing favorable judges.

The night’s protests and marches, one of the largest in Israel’s history, led to the closure of all Saturday night protests across the country.

It is really possible that our environment will clear up but violence in our hearts and minds will have side effects. If they are good reforms brought about by changing the court process then what is wrong with that if our judicial reforms become law then there can be reforms like charging a painful toll, downgrading Israel’s credit rating, etc.
But Gold I said that the proposed reform could also harm the value of the Sekel.

It is possible to have a disagreement even without violence and without any movement, and he said that God forbid that a planetary war-like situation arises in our country and replace the movement with bloodshed and celebratory incitement.

The president of Ben-Gurion University, Daniel, has reprimanded the young protesters, accusing them of denying the minister permission to speak and insulting him in a private home. Journalist leader Ahituv, a moderator whose newspaper had organized the conference he has come to the dais in defense of the minister

And for those who have come from abroad, yesterday’s protest against the government continues, he is the minister of this government, so hundreds of protesters and spectators are with him, this is just one hacking, says Ahituv

Earlier this month, Chilman, an MP from the Conservative Party, introduced a bill that would require Israel to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels by a maximum of 50% by the end of the decade, causing environmental damage. The group has given the government a very rare praise and quick praise of the government’s climate target which appeared to be more ambitious than the previous government

Israel's new environment minister shouted off stage|Israel new environment minister
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But he attended only one of 12 meetings of a subcommittee set up to investigate the effects of climate change on public health, and sources close to him told the newspaper that people had to chase him to help with environmental legislation. and he allegedly has a commitment to the environment but it is just words without any action but it is not above our priorities

One of Silliman’s first moves in Netanyahu’s cabinet in the government there was a protest by conservative voters, calling for a ban on single-use plastic utensils and strict religious rules on eating for traditionally large families. asked to

Cement also tried to give her speech there, Silman accused her predecessor, saying that she will consider polluting industries as partners, not as opponents, yes, she will definitely take some steps to solve this.

Recalling his old sayings, he said that I am also aware of the image of the policeman who is the regulator and chases the entrepreneurs and companies. want to see as you are no hindrance

If if you don’t want to hear that I’m here as a representative of the governmentI’m from the air defense ministry, okay, Selman said, if you don’t want to hear another opinion, that’s amazing, and that’s tremendous hypocrisy.

He said that those who fight for democracy they claim to fight, it is not democratic and it is not respectable, it is also not respectable if you are shouting about democracy but you don’t want me to speak. With that, Silman finished his speech and left the stage.

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