Netflix|netflix news best 2023


Do you know what Netflix is, although today every person has a smartphone, that is why many people are familiar with Netflix, but some people do not know what Netflix is and why it is in the news every day. In today’s time, it is running its name loudly in India, you will be surprised to know that now people in India are removing cable connection and getting online streaming connection. With this, all those people can watch movies serial television episodes of their favorite and they have many such options and Netflix is best known for providing such facility.

Netflix|netflix news best 2023
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Ever since Netflix has been launched in India, people have become so crazy about it that it seems like Netflix is offering the best service at the lowest price, which probably no other streaming service company is offering in India.

You will get all the information related to Netflix like what is Netflix and how to download it and how to get its plan etc. through this article.

what is netflix

it is an online streaming service through which customers can watch a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, serials, etc. on their mobile devices, computers, laptops and smart TVs whenever they want.

You can enjoy as much as you want from it, its services are also very good like in this you get unlimited Ad Free Weaving. The same Netflix releases such a large amount of TV shows and movies that you always get to see something new, along with every new month some new TV shows and movies are included so that the customer can experience new things. And don’t make yourself feel bored.

Netflix|netflix news best 2023
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If we know about the history of Netflix, then it was founded in August 1997. It was started by two serial entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings.
This company was first started in Scotts Valley California, later it became the world’s largest internet entertainment platform.

Initially, it used to provide a website based movie rental service named Netflix purely, in which it used to rent DVDs of new movies online to the customer.
He used to order the customer’s favorite DVD from here, which was later delivered to the customer through Netflix post, when he used to watch the DVD S, he used to send it back through post.
At the same time, it has more than 200 million paid subscribers from all over the world, which is from 190 countries. Today, many movies or TV series and documentaries are available on Netflix in different languages.

how to download

If you want to download it on mobile phone then first type it in play store and download it from there and if you want to download netflix on iphone then you download it from apple app store.

If you want to download from Smart TV, then download it from Play Store in Smart TV and download it from the official website of it in Laptop.

Install it after download in any device.

how to use

After installing Netflix, to use it, first you have to open the Netflix app and create an account in it. Paheli Bar can get free services for 1 month on signing up.

As soon as it opens, you will see many categories from which you can enjoy the movie series by listening to the right category.

Netflix|netflix news best 2023
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In this, the first category comes in which you will get the list of movies and TV programs according to the recent popular and many different categories.

Then on the second number you see the series category, in this you can select the series, the same b-series you want to watch can be played by clicking on it.

The third category comes from films, in this you can enjoy movies like Hollywood and Bollywood in Hindi and English and many other languages.

The Recently Ad category comes at number four, if you like to see something new in this category, then you can see it. Also, if any new program has been inserted by Netflix, it will appear here first.

After this, there is a category named MyList at number five, with the help of this category, you can keep your favorite program here easily and later whenever you feel like it, you can watch it.

The category that comes at number six is Search, through this category you can find your favorite leader program and enjoy it.

The category comes on the last and seventh number, whose name is mange account, profile and logout, rest of the pictures work like you, through them you can set your profile and come out of this account.

Netflix|netflix news best 2023
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Who is the owner of netflix?

The owners of it are reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, they started this company on August 29, 1997. They are residents of America. Netflix is sending its services to many countries today, its cool paid subscribers are 200 million, it has become the best platform to watch movies and TV shows in today’s time. Last year, they earned around $2500.

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