Deadly Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Feb 2023

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

These four countries of Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey in the Middle East were suffering from earthquake on Monday, in about 12 hours earthquake tremors were seen here on a big break. Most of the devastation took place in Turkey and nearby Syria.

Deadly Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Feb 2023
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According to some news reporter, a total of 3500 people have died in Turkey and Syria so far, and tremors are still being felt in Lebanon and Israel, but there is no news of damage here, about 2361 people lost their lives in Turkey. Died and about 11000 people are injured, the government there has declared 7 days of national mourning.

In the same Syria, 1300 people lost their lives and about 2000 people are still injured.

Turkish media said that there were 3 major tremors of the earth quake, according to Turkish time, the first tremor occurred at 4:00 am, whose intensity was 7.8, the second at around 10:00 (7.6 ) and the third at 3:00 pm (6.0), besides this a total of 78 Aftershocks were observed whose intensity is being told as 4 to 5.

Epicenter of Earthquake

earth quake made the epicenter the city of Gaziantep in Turkey. Gaziantep is located 90 kilometers away from the Syria border, that’s why a lot of devastation has been seen in its areas and surrounding areas, its effect is still visible, buildings have also fallen in some cities, including Latakia, Damascus, Aleppo and many others. The other city is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkey. He said that 140 crore Indian headlines are with them in this sorrow of Turkey, Indian government is sending NDRF and medical teams to Turkey for help.

Deadly Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Feb 2023
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The European Union and India are also ready to send help to Turkey, the Indian government said that NDRF personnel with specially trained dogs and necessary equipment would be sent to earth quake-affected areas for rescue.

Some other countries have also announced help, including Israel, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, China and Russia have announced sending 100 rescuers and two 76 Ilyushin aircraft to Turkey and Syria Blood donation in earth quake-hit areas of Turkey Camps will also be organized.

Earthquake wreaked havoc in these cities

The earthquake caused heavy destruction in Kahramanmaras, Nurdagi, Malatya, Ankara, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir and 10 other cities. 1710 buildings are reported to have collapsed. Many people are buried under the debris. Rescue operations are being carried out to save people. And emergency was implemented in many areas.

School college closed

Turkey’s government has announced that emergency alert should be issued in 10 cities of the country and for 1 week in earthquake-affected areas.

There is a college in the school, it should be closed. 200 flights have also been canceled and only military aircraft have been allowed to land and take off.

Such a terrible earthquake occurred in 100 years

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is the survey agency of America, according to which the death toll in Turkey earthquake incident has increased to 1000 and they say that this number can increase up to 10000. They have argued that there was an earthquake in 1939. Whose intensity was 7.8, then 30000 people died and the earthquake that occurred in the year 1999, its intensity was 7.2, then a total of 17000 people died.

Deadly Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Feb 2023
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Earthquake tremors were also seen in Syria, due to which the government there has stopped train services. Tremors were felt here for 40 seconds. Some cities of Syria, including Aleppo, Hama Damascus and Latakia, have reported buildings falling in many other cities. And here the train services have been completely stopped, the rescue operation team has arrived in the earthquake affected areas and the rescue is going on.

Reason of Earth quake

The interior of the earth is said to have been made up by Plato of Which is adjacent to each other, movement is often seen in these plates and it is friction with the nearby plates. When the strength of the plate increases, the tension in them increases and one plate slides over the other plate causing movement on the surface appears

In the event of this earthquake, the Arabian plate is moving towards the north. And its friction with the Anatolian plate is causing movement on the surface. Even in the events of earthquakes in the past, the friction between these plates is said to be the reason. For this reason, there was an earthquake on August 13, 1822, whose intensity 7 point was 4, which is much less than Monday’s earthquake (7.8).

Was. When an earthquake occurred in the 19th century, a total of 7000 people died in this city of Aleppo. There was a lot of devastation in the areas affected by the earthquake. Even after this, many aftershocks kept coming in the house. Due to which there was a lot of loss in the coming days. Aftershocks are continuously coming in the areas affected by Monday’s earthquake. Scientists believe that more aftershocks will continue to come in this area as before.

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