Jeffrey Preston(Amazon) Bezos Biography Best 2023

Jeffrey preston Bezos

“jeffrey preston Bezos” today this name is famous all over the world and this name is so famous in the industry of e-commerce business that some people also consider him as their ideal. Know that he is an American enterpreneur, media proprietor, investor and commercial astronaut. He is the CEO, former president, executive chairman and founder of Amazon company, whose net worth is 128 billion-dollar today. jeffrey preston Bezos is in the list of richest people in the world today. Coming at number three, according to Bloomberg’s report, from the year 2017 till date, they come in the count of the world’s biggest billionaires.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos Biography Best 2023
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Jeffrey Preston bezos is also called the king of e-commerce market because today if you are able to buy some things online then it is because of him because he made the idea of e-commerce business come true in such a way that today the common man can buy anything. If he purchases online, he doesn’t have to think at all. Today, this company has made such a place in the hearts of its customers that they have full faith in it. In the beginning it was very difficult for the company but today it has done it.

People often wanted to purchase from the offline market only, but due to jeffrey Preston Bezos’s strategies and business experience, he created a company that could deliver the goods needed by the common man to his home, it benefited the common man a lot, it was a new beginning but As time passed, it caught the market and today it is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world.

In 1996 we called it then amazon.tost and in 1999 it was amazon bom and my personal favorite is Because we obviously don’t have to make profit and loss there is still a lot of focus on it I mean you are talking to me too.

He first started the e-commerce business trading only books and later became the founder and CEO of a wide variety of products and played a key role in the growth of e-commerce, under his guidance Amazon is the largest retail and international sales organization on the World Wide Web Became a model.

Early life

Jeffrey Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to father’s name Jacqueline and mother’s name to Feodora.When he was born, his mother was only 17 years old and was a high school student and his father was 19 years old at that time.

He was danish american and was born in Chicago in the family of baptist. Family condition not being good he studied till his high school from “night school”

He studied at Montessori School in New Mexico. when he was two year old , At the same time his prents got divorced and his mother married a man named Mike Bhejo in April 1998. After some time, Mike adopted him and his father’s name was later legally changed to mike from Jacqueline.
jeffrey Preston bezos says that he was greatly influenced by his second father and has tried to improve them.

He did his studies from fourth to sixth grade at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston. He was adopted by Mike, after which he completed his degree from the University of New Mexico, after which the family moved to Houston, Texas and started working as an engineer for Exxon there.

jeffrey Preston bezos’s maternal grandfather’s name was lawrence preston gise, who held the position of a director in the US Atomic Energy Commission. When he retired from this post, he started farming. Where jeffrey bezos spent a lot of his summer holidays, this farm was spread over 25 acres, later jeffrey bezos bought it and increased it to 300000 acres.

jeffrey Preston bezos was interested in scientific and technical work since childhood, he once made an electric alarm to keep his brother out of the room and it worked. When Jeb was in high school, he also worked the short order line at McDonald’s during the breakfast shift.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos Biography Best 2023
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When jeffrey Preston Bezos was 12 years old, he saw a device called Infinity Cuba, in this device, small motors and mirrors were installed, the mirrors were installed in such a way that images were seen moving infinitely, this device was available in the market for $ 20. but jeffrey Preston Bezos didn’t have total enough money to buy it so he went to the market to solve it and bought some mirror pieces and other parts from there later he made his own reflection he was quite playful and he got some.

He always had a penchant for innovation, he invented hobbit robots and other poets. Due to this, his room used to be quite chaotic, due to which his father and mother, being fed up with all their equipment and inventions, shifted them to the garage of the house, they also had no restrictions and were engrossed in their work.

There are countless such stories about jeffrey Preston Bezos, he made many models and many electronic gadgets, for this he told many hours.
jeffrey Preston Bezos used to make his own inventions as well as participate in science projects in his school. When he reached high school, he made his garage a personal science and electronics laboratory and some say even It was first launched in the same garage.

A journalist reported that Jeb intended to remove all humans from the Earth and turn it into a giant national park. Beyoncé participated in a student science experiment program at the university.

High school valedictorian National Merit Scholarship and in 1982 awarded by the Silver Night award. Jeff Bezos In his college graduation speech, he told the audience that he dreams of the day humans will colonize space.

In the year 1986, he graduated from Princeton University with 4.2 GPA in Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Later B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Also Jeb was elected to Tau Beta Pi and was student president for the exploration and development of space.

Some records and biographical accounts state that he was brought up as a Christian.

Personal life

When in the year 1992 jeff D .E. shaw, then he met Mackenzie tuttle, she also used to work in the same firm, friendship between the two and friendship turned into love, after which both of them got married in the year 1994, both of them moved to seattle Washington. where send he founded amazon.

Bezos and his now ex-wife had four children, out of which three were sons and one daughter, which Bezos had adopted 3 boys and one girl from China. Bezos and McKee have not disclosed their religious status. Public records narrative biographies state that both were raised in the Christian faith.

In March 2030, when Sendo and three of his colleagues were surveying land for Blue Origin from a helicopter, the helicopter crashed, in which Bezos was injured along with the other three in the helicopter, as well as Ty Holland, a local cattle rancher. Happened.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos Biography Best 2023
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He was accompanied in the helicopter by pilot Charles Cheater Bella and Amazon attorney Elizabeth Correll. All were taken to a local hospital and all were released the same day, with no injuries.

Bezos was also very fond of acting, in the year 2016, he played in a film, the name of the film was Start Track Beyond, in which Bezos played the role of a Starfleet officer. San Diego Comic-Con Cleans Up as Cast and Crew Roleplay.

In 2019, the relationship between Bezos and McKenzie completed almost 27 years. On January 9, 2019, jeffrey Preston Bezos and McKenzie told via Twitter that they wanted to divorce. On April 4, 2019, both of them got divorced and 75% of the Amazon stock company. The remaining 25 percent that remained with Bezos went to MacKenzie, although Bezos will retain all of the couple’s voting rights.

In March 2018, Bezos traveled to Saudi Arabia, meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Ruler Mohammed bin Salaman in Seattle to discuss investment opportunities for Saudi Vision 2030.

In March 2019, Bezos’ security advisors claimed that the government of Saudi Arabia had hacked Bezos’ phone. Bezos’ security staffer Govin linked the hack to the assassination of Saudi writer Jamal Khago at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to the Washington Post, the BBC reported.


Amazon quickly became the leader in e commerce and I was like a 24 hour store. It first started selling CDs in 1998. They encouraged other vendors including retailers to come online.
Companies coming into the market jeffrey preston Bazos realized the need to diversify and in 2005 launched a wide range of products including electronics, apparel and hardware in Amazon.

In the year 2006, Amazon launched a service called Amazon Web Series.It became the largest service of this type in the world. By the end of 2007, Amazon created an application called Digital Book Return Kindle in digital book store with wireless internet connectivity, in which users can buy any book and download it anytime. Many people liked this facility because the book was available at low prices and it could be read anywhere.

Amazon’s online Kindle took off, and Amazon claimed in 2010 that Kindle books were selling more than hardware books. It also began producing its own television shows and movies with the same Work Image One Studio division. Amazon’s annual sales was $510000 in 1995 and it increased to 600 million-dollar in 1998 later it is 19.1 billion dollars in 2008 and in 2018 it is about 233 billion dollars.

In 2018 almost half of company’s income came from EWS only Amazon made record profits after 2 years and before the fourth quarter of the same year, they earned more than $ 100 billion. It is believed that in 2019, due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, there was a uniform in shopping due to which profits increased.

In February 2021, Josh announced that he would step down as CEO of Amazon, although he would remain at Amazon as executive chairman.


Jeff Bezos wanted to be a cowboy and an astronaut. He was a devoted Star Trek fan. He starred in several episodes of Star Trek and named his dog Karan Kamala after being influenced by it. Among his heroes was the American inventor Thomson. Forms Edition, Stephen Hawking, Walt Disney He didn’t like Mickey Mouse at all, instead he wanted the one used in Disney animatronics.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos Biography Best 2023
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jeffrey Preston bezos sneh wrote in a time article that i have always been amazed by disney he had a powerful vision he knew what he had to do and he put together a group of smart people everyone thought it wouldn’t work They had to do it and they did it by convincing banks to borrow $400 million.
Many friends and family members used to think about jeffrey Preston bezos and like daughter in law and bolero investment they used to say jeffrey Preston bezos got it much sooner than disney.

Chairity Donation

Bezos has also played a big role in giving back through charity, donating to the Family Foundation and several education projects. jeffrey Preston bezos has made a multi-million dollar charitable contribution to Seattle’s Music Industry and alma mater Prince University.

In January 2018, Bezos announced a $33 million donation to The Dream Us, a document working to improve college access for immigrant youth. Will be brought to the United States as young children Deaf Leppard Action for Childhood DACA will also provide college scholarships to 1,000 American high school graduates.

How Jeff Bezos Started Amazon

Jeff Bezos left the bank job in net falguni 10094 and went to Washington with the aim of making such books and started working in his garage with some employees. Bezos started making software for his site which he called amazon. com said he sold his first book in 1995.

Where And When Was Jeff Bezos Born?

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, raised in Houston, Texas, and moved to Miami, Florida when he grew up.

Was Jeff Bezos Born Rich?

Jeff Bezos was not born in a rich family, but it is a self-made billionaire. When he was born, his parents were 17-18 years old and he lived with his maternal grandfather in the early days of his life. of electronics engineering.

What Was The First Job Jeff Bezos Did?

When Jeff Bezos was in his teens, he worked at McDonald’s during school hours, making less than $3 an hour, where he worked as a fry cook.

Who Is Jeff Bezos?

According to Bloomberg keyboard, Jeff Bezos is at number 1 in the list of Richest Person in the world today, his network is $ 128 billion in 2023. He is the founder and CEO of Amazon.

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